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Hello and welcome to Open Happiness, the one and only TFL approved fanlisting for Coca-Cola (Coke). Ever since I was a kid, I had loved drinking Coca-Cola because who wouldn’t like the sweetness and fizziness of a gaseous drink, especially when you’re a little kid who loved sweet stuff? I didn’t really get the chance to drink much soft drinks when I was younger though due to strict family upbringings and the fact that carbonated soft drinks are not good for health.

Nevertheless as I grew up, I got to taste different kinds of carbonated drinks and came to a conclusion that Coca-Cola was still my favourite soft drink of all time. Now I drink at least one can of Coca-Cola every week, especially if the weather is particularly hot that week. I know it’s not good to drink too much Coke but I feel like I’m already addicted to the drink. :'D Words are not enough to convey my heartfelt thanks to Honey for giving me a lifetime opportunity to run this fanlisting. So if you are a fan of this carbonated soft drink, feel free to pick a button and join the list of fans to show your love and support.

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